Farewell Co.

Hand crafted leather goods made by Farewell Co.

Farewell Co. - Good Road To Travel
A one week project from concept to completion that combines branding, typography and product design into a 'Gentlemans Travel Kit'. The kit incorporates a hand-crafted selection of travelling essentails, that are also available individually.
The circle icon with a line through it is based on the old Nomad symbol, meaning 'Good Road To Travel'.These products are all essentials you would keep on you everyday and/or travel with.
Photography - Ryan Jacobs
Studio space for shoot - Marcus Berger Design
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Studio / Workshop
Etched wallets & Iphone cases
Etched wooden knife
Travelling pouch for Tobacco / Passport / Specs
Packaging / 100% cotton / Hand-sewn
Iphone cover with card & money slot - availible in red, blue and black
Self-embossed business cards
Stamped and embossed business cards
Pencil holder for Moleskin
Stamps for packaging bags and business cards
Hand-sewn100% cotton bags / stamped front and back - used for packaging the products
Pencil holder for Moleskin
Tobacco pouch - with easy access slit for rizla
Travellers essentials kit / Hand-made Walnut box / Engraved logo
Travellers essentials kit / Hand-made Walnut box / Engraved logo
Engraved Walnut box
Process pics on Instagram: benjohnston25
Follow the full process on INSTAGRAM: BENJOHNSTON25
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