Identity & Collateral

Branding and collateral designed for Cape Town based photographer Dylan Culhane.

The brief for this new personal identity series was to create a cohesive range of professional stationery that would make a striking first impresison, and convey something about the photographer's distinct and varied style. The overarching idea was to marry the idea of precision and instinct - two seemingly opposed yet defining pillars of Dylan Culhane's work. At times meticulous and considered, the photographer's methodology relies strongly on impulse and the unconscious. Moreover, his work is not limited to photography and extends into graphic design and visual art, so the identity needed to reflect this.
Ben's response was to create a modular system that could be adapted according to the specific project or client. A neat circular logo is juxtaposed with a loose script based on dozens of samples of the photographer's own handwriritng. The circular logo is designed to resemble a classic postmark, and alludes to photography with the subtle inclusion of a film plane mark to anchor the design, that can also be used independently for letter footers and envelope seals. 
Rubber stamps and an embosser were created for all the various logo elements, to be used interchangeably (along with characteristic traces of spraypaint) to allow for a range of customisable communication, marketing and packaging options. Rich butter-yellow was chosen as the sole colour element to make the logo pop and contrast with the otherwise classically monochromatic series.
Spraypainted & stamped
Identity & collateral
Posting / Delivery collateral
Stamped moleskin & camera filters
Spraypaint used for exposure texture in Dylans photography
Screenprinted and embossed cards
Stamped envelopes
Dylan's signature hat
Screenprinted & embossed cards
Embosser for business cards & Limited Edition prints
Screenprinted & embossed cards
Multiple card designs - some with hand done spraypaint - others completely blank
Plain embossed cards
Self-embossed moleskins / spraypainted
Print posting tubes
Letterhead / tube & envelope sticker / business cards / printed CD
Pattern based on Dylan's tattoo
Image plane icon
Signature based Dylan's hand writing used to make the stamp
Stamps for all collateral
Logo stamp
Process pics on Instagram: benjohnston25
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